Clothes The baby clothes are Gerpen Composition of Cotton (65%) - polyester (35%). Keep this in mind with clothes for your BABY:

Cotton is hydrophilic, that is, he loves the water. In fact, water absorbs more easily than any other fiber, it penetrates the fiber during the cycle of soaking, and slips easily during the centrifugal cycle of unrest. This means that the clothes are washed thoroughly and garments of cotton can receive many washings, which is unlikely to stretch or tear during the wash cycle. And more good news: the washing of clothes of cotton at high temperature does not affect its duration.

Use mild soap, softener and make the pledge that the baby is kept and maintained his touch and smell..

Meals and regurgitated back into the baby food occur frequently. It's best to treat these spots is clean with damp sponge immediately, soaked in a mild detergent for 30 minutes and wash the garment as usual.

Care in T-shirts:

Wash them always with cold water, avoid washing clothes that loose wool, because it prevents the filling of speckles. Do not twist, if the plates do it by the setback, you will see that such care with your shirts will last longer!

Recommendation to Distributors:

The basis of any distributor is the purchase and sale of goods, hence the importance of managing inventory by the same.

It has become clear that a wrong investment in inventories may result in a lack of liquidity and lack of control which produces accumulation of products with low turnover thus affecting the profitability of the business.

Implement a system of inventory in a warehouse not only improved the administration of the product to establish appropriate levels of physical inventory; It strikes a balance between customer satisfaction by the availability and level of liquidity for the use of the resource money on products with higher rotation.